Sunday, March 26, 2006


American Heart Association Heart Walk

My family and I will be walking in the AHA Heart Walk in Kansas City on June 10th.
I have set up a page where you can pledge support. We are walking with the Congenital Heart Defects Families Association team. Any amount you can afford would be appreciated. It is for a good cause and I hope you can support us and the American Heart Association. At the top of this page are links to our donation pages. They will remain there until the walk.
Thanks in advance for your support.

I can feed myself...

We have started working on self-feeding with Sophia. She was able to do it almost instantly.
We have only tried this with pretty thick foods, as anything else makes a huge mess.
I am so happy to be writing about Sophia eating a year ago, we weren't sure when or if she would be able to eat orally.
We are still not giving liquids orally. Once we get another swallow study done, we will proceed as it indicates.
But in the meantime, hooray for Sophia feeding herself.
On a side note, Sophia finally got her first tooth. It's about time. It is the top-left front tooth.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


At the Symphony

My wife Patty plays for local symphony orchestra. While attending her concert with Sophia, a photographer from the newspaper, took our photo.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


It's Spring Again...

We went to the park today. We went on the swings and the slides.
And we flew a kite. My cousin fed the ducks.
And my dad pulled us in the wagon.
Spring is awesome.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


New Links

In case you haven't noticed I have added several links in the "links" section in the left margin of the page. Most notable are other blogs about CHD kids. Please check these pages out and offer support to the families where you think it is appropriate.
Check out Nova's page at in particular. He's got it pretty rough right now.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Echo & Cath

Sophia had her cardiology appointment this week.
Her doctor did an echo in his office. He thought her heart function had improved from the last echo.
This is good news and due primarily to the medication (Digoxin) she started while in the hospital.
We have also scheduled a heart catheterization in April. This will give us more information about the growth of her pulmonary vessels and perhaps be an oppertunity to balloon open any narrrowing of those vessels that shows up in the cath.

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