Friday, April 07, 2006


Nova passed from this life on Thursday, April 6th.

In astronomy, a nova is defined as a star which suddenly flares up to many times its original brightness before fading again.
This is a definition one can apply without much effort to this tiny hero whom I have followed via the blog his mother has dedicated to him. Though this incredible brightness has faded from life, the compassion and inspiration it awakened in all of us who cared to open ourselves to him, is boundless and eternal.
We so often hide from death in our culture. It is difficult to imagine things like this can happen to such innocents. But, impermanence is an essentially integral part of the experience of living. Without accepting death, we are unable to experience life.
The same way light goes unnoticed outside the context of darkness.
The strength and will little Nova showed was a lesson to each of us to face the things we find difficult. To show love and compassion when we are scared. To shine with great brightness before we fade is the challenge we all face in this difficult existence.
I personally have learned these lessons and will practice with as much virtue as I am able as a testimonial to Nova's strength and courage.
Please consider making a donation to Nova's family at the donation link in the right hand column of to help with funeral expenses.
I have found so many posts like this, tributes to Nova's fighting spirit. And as I've said before, I am so grateful for every one of them, so touched by how many people's lives were affected by his brief life. To know that he lives on through every person he's touched is such a comfort. Thank you Michael, for everything.
Michael is my son and again he astounds me with his wisdom. He has shared with me the story of Nova and I have seen his precious little face. I believe that the loss of a young child teaches us to live each day to its fullest and to love one another with openness and to tell those close to us how much we love them, words left unsaid can haunt you for a lifetime.
I try everyday to do one random act of kindness, it is so simple to tell someone they look pretty or to listen to the sorrows of a stranger.
May God watch over your family and help you through this difficult time in your life.
My prayers are for you and all those who cared.
Thank you, for your prayers, and for obviously passing on your generosity and sensitivity to your son, who has been so very supportive of us in this time. The apple never falls far from the tree, and it shows here.
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