Friday, October 20, 2006



I know I haven't been posting much lately.
Well, here is why. I Heart Community is a forum for the CHD community.

I thought it might be nice to have a central location where everyone could meet online. I have benefited so much from the support of this community and I thought it would be nice to have a forum in which we could interact with each other online. My hope is to unify the CHD community in one place and as a result raise awareness and strengthen our influence. While at the same time providing understanding, insight and support to one another. Like Erika said in a recent post, "you can't understand unless you've been through it".
The site is fully functional, but I am still in the progress of tweaking the design and making little adjustments here and there. I would be very grateful for improvement suggestions(there is a suggestions? topic in the introduction section). I didn't set up categories for discussion I thought I would let things develop naturally and organize the forum based on what develops.
Please spread the word about this forum to any of the other CHD community resources you know, online or in your local communities. The more members we get the better this will work.
I cannot wait to see you there. Please sign up and start a discussion.
I think that's an awesome idea Michael!

I tried to sign up, several times, but it tells me I'm getting the word verification thing wrong?
That is awesome! :) Thanks too for the invite on Flickr, I'll get going on it here soon, we've been a bit crazy here, and I've been neglecting my computer/blog stuff.
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